NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

Subject Code & Title :- NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 3
Weighting :- 50 % of overall marks
Word Count :- Please refer to the individual word count in each section of your application.
Once you have formulated a research proposal which is a blueprint for your intended research project the
next step in the research process is to obtain ethical approval before data can be collected.
NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

Associated Learning Outcomes :-

1. Apply the research process in conducting health related research project.
2. Evaluate and apply research findings to nursing practice to improve patient safety and quality care outcomes
3. Evaluate research strategies process and select the appropriate methodological approach to answer research
questions emanating from practice.
4. Demonstrate an ability to determine the ethical considerations involved in human research and align projects to these considerations in a health setting.

In Australia any researcher intending to carry out research involving humans would need to follow the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007, updated 2018) which was developed jointly by the National Health and Medical Research Council the Australian Research Council and Universities Australia.

NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

In the first assessment task you developed a research proposal for an area of research interest. You were able to identify the aims/objective of the study including where and how you intend to collect data. Your task in this assignment is to prepare a Human Research and Ethics (HREC) Application to a relevant organisational HREC Application.

Please note you are not required to submit this application to your hospital/health organisation HREC. You are only required to prepare it for the purpose of this assignment.

NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

Instructions :- 

1. A full ethics application usually involves a number of documents that the researcher is expected to either develop or complete.
Please take time to carefully go through the documents you are required to attach as part of your submission.

2. Main Application: Please use the blank template provided on the assignment instruction page. This template has all the main sections (some sections have been removed for the purpose of this assignment that you are required to complete as part of an HREC application. If you have access to your organisation’s ethics application template and you want to use that instead please speak to the course coordinator directly before proceeding. Also note that most HREC would require the researcher to include a research protocol for their submission. The task that you completed in your 1st assignment is your research protocol and you are not required to develop a new one for this assessment. The feedback you received from the assessment should enable you refine your protocol.

NURS2191 Preparing An Ethics Application Assignment 3

3. Appendix 1: Participant Information and consent form (PICF)- please use the blank template that is available on assessment task instruction page on canvas.

4. Appendix 2: Instrument for data collection- You will need to develop this

5. Appendix 3: Advertisement material (including flyers/email invitations)- You will need to develop this.

6. Font size- 11 or 12

7. Use APA 7th Edition referencing style. There is no actual limit on the number of references to include as long as your statements/arguments are properly cited. All references must be within the last 10 years.
If you need to go out side of this range you need to provide a reason.

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