NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment – Australia.

Subject Code & Title : NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice
Type: Written assessment and Presentation
Weighting: 60%
Length: 2000 words 5-10 minute presentation
This assessment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
1.Examine the nursing actions associated with the use of pharmacology and other types of biological treatments.
2.Explore safety and therapeutic implications for the mental health nurse in relation to medication and other types of biological treatments across mental health settings.
NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment – Australia.

NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment - Australia.

Aim :
The aim of this assessment is to examine the Coroner’s Report from August 17, 2017, which relates to the case of JJKD, who died by drowning, while in the care of a mental health service. Consider what occurred and demonstrate a critical understanding of how alternative nursing actions, such as advocacy, psycho education and family involvement, may have prevented this adverse outcome.

Instructions :
Part 1: Written component
1.Download the Non-inquest findings into the death of JJKD 17/08/2017 from Coroner’s Court of Queensland and develop a timeline of JJKD’s involvement in the mental health service. The timeline should highlight:

1. Where you consider JJKD’s recovery may have been compromised;
2. Important milestones where effective clinical nursing interventions would have been appropriate;
3. Appropriate nursing interventions for that point in the timeline;
4. How you would have intervened, as a practising mental health nurse.

You will need to support your determinations with peer reviewed evidenced based literature.

2.Review all prescribed psychotropic medications in this case and identify:

1. The metabolic pathways;
2. Matters of concern in relation to the prescribed medications;
3. Any early warning signs of adverse reactions to the medication;
4. Any advanced clinical nursing interventions that should have been utilised in relation to the adverse reactions.

3. Utilising appropriate literature, examine issues relating to the concurrent use of the medications prescribed.

NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment – Australia.

NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment - Australia.

4.Include a synthesis of your paper that includes at least five major ‘take home’ lessons that have been evident from engagement with the report. A suggestion would be to include this immediately prior to your conclusion.

Part 2 Audio-visual :
Provide a video or audio of yourself over viewing your work from Part 1 of this assessment and demonstrate how this could be used as an educational tool for colleagues. In your presentation include:

1. An overview of the Coroner’s report.
2. The timeline.
3.What, in your opinion, went wrong.
4. The salient learnings that could assist mental health nurses to manage these risk factors in the future.

Literature and references :
In this assessment use literature of no more than 10 years old (from peer-reviewed sources) to demonstrate broad consideration of your alternate nursing interventions.

You may also use seminal scholarly literature where relevant.

Suitable references include peer-reviewed journal articles as well as textbooks and credible websites.

When sourcing information, consider the five elements of a quality reference: currency, authority, relevance, objectivity, and coverage. Grey literature sourced from the internet must be from reputable websites such as from government, university, or peak national bodies: for example, the Australian College of Nursing.

Requirements :
 Use a conventional and legible size 12 font, such as Times New Roman or Arial, with 1.5 line spacing and 2.54 cm page margins (standard pre-set margin in Microsoft Word).
 Include page numbers on each page in a footer.
 Use formal academic language
 Use the seventh edition American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. The CQUniversity Academic Learning Centre has an online APA Referencing Style Guide.
 Word count is calculated from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion. The word count INCLUDES in-text references and direct quotations.
 The word count does NOT include cover page, abstract, contents page, reference page and appendices.

NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment – Australia.

NURS20158 Clinical Foundations For Practice Assessment - Australia.

Resources :
The quality and credibility of your sources are important.
It is recommended that you access your discipline specific library guide: the Nursing Resource Guide; Midwifery Resource Guide;You may use EndNote to manage your citations and reference list. More information on how to use EndNote is available at the CQ University Library website. Submit a draft before the due date to review your Turnitin Similarity Score before making a final submission. Instructions are available here.

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