NUR540 Assessment 1 Evidence Based Practice Models – Australia.

Introduction: Evidence-based practice is the foundation for safe patient care. Several models of
EBP have been developed to help clinicians integrate EBP into their everyday work.Understanding how these models have been developed and their application is vital to ensuring patient safety.
NUR540 Assessment 1 Evidence Based Practice Models – Australia.

NUR540 Assessment 1 Evidence Based Practice Models - Australia.

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Module 1 refers to evidence based practice models.The point of why models or frame works are used have also been noted in recorded lectures.

Instructions for Assessment 1:-
For assignment 1, students will critically analyse two evidence-based practice models and evaluate their application for effective care in various healthcare settings. Students will need to critically analyse barriers and enablers for the implementation of each of the models and discuss how these may be addressed in
various healthcare contexts.

Let’s break this down-
2 models- any and yes they can be from the modules or you found them elsewhere.

Evaluate application of each model to practice (effective care) in various healthcare settings. In other
words one model may be pertinent in one particular setting versus the other. Both may be applicable to the same setting. That is part of the evaluation.

Barriers – what does peer reviewed articles say about what stops an evidence based practice model
being implemented? It may have been published with an example of this happening in your practice
area or it could be another setting yet its plausible for the evidence to be relevant.

Enablers- what assists the implementation of an evidence-based practice model- not from your opinion but from research findings presented in peer reviewed publications.

Think of barriers being addressed in various healthcare settings.

Assessment 1: Evidence Based Practice Models
Overview of One Approach to Writing this Assignment

Note: This is merely a possible guide. There are many ways you could write this assessment as long as you cover all necessary aspects of the topic.

NUR540 Assessment 1 Evidence Based Practice Models – Australia.

NUR540 Assessment 1 Evidence Based Practice Models - Australia.

Alternative approach
Introduction- 1 paragraph

Paragraph 1 & 2- comparing the principles of the two models
Paragraph 3 & 4- comparing the application of the two models – what settings etc.
Paragraph 5- barriers & enablers

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