NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

Assessment 2: Health Literacy Project
Task overview
Brief task description: This assignment requires you to develop a health literacy strategy for a chosen population group. You will need to develop a project outline and a project deliverable.
Length: Project Outline: 500 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text referencing). Word limit excludes your reference list and appendices. Audio/ video word limit 4 minutes Deliverable: One page poster/video/quiz/game/presentation/other
Weighting: Weighting: 40% (of overall grade)
NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

Course Objectives measured
1.Demonstrate an understanding of equity, social justice and the epidemiology of health and disease across different population groups in a global context.
2.Critically analyse the significance to nursing practice of (i) the social determinants of health;
(ii) the health impacts of climate change and environmental degradation; (iii) availability,accessibility, acceptability, affordability, and cultural appropriateness of health service provision.
4.Construct innovative, person-centred solutions to global health issues through the application of evidence-based theory, reflection critique and academic literacy skills.

This assessment enables students to work towards developing the following graduate attributes:

1.Critical, creative, thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills,including research and digital literacy skills, to analyse and evaluate ideas, concepts, theories and problems, and offer insights, innovative approaches and solutions;
2.Effective communicators and collaborators who actively and respectfully lead, listen, reflect,discuss and negotiate in order to work productively with a range of individuals and groups,including professional teams;
3.Ethical, engaged professionals and citizens who engage in, non-discriminatory, safe practices and consider the local, global, social, economic, legal and environmental influences on, and impact of, their attitudes and actions;
4.Culturally capable individuals who are self-aware and sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives, equitable and respectful of diversity and multiculturalism, and can apply these capabilities in their professional practice.

Task information
Task detail: Communicable diseases, such as HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, viral hepatitis and neglected tropical diseases cause over 4 million deaths globally per year (World Health Organisation, 2020).

NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

Health literacy is defined by the World Health Organisation “as the cognitive and social skills which determine the motivation and ability of individuals to gain access to, understand and use information in
ways which promote and maintain good health” (2020). This goes beyond the concept of health education and encourages individuals and communities to take action towards their own health and wellbeing.

To complete this task, you are required to develop a plan for a health literacy strategy incorporating interdisciplinary teamwork (not just nurses but other health care teams, and/or non-health science teams). This strategy must be targeted towards a communicable disease faced by a particular population of your choice. The selected disease may be HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, viral hepatitis, neglected tropical diseases or another communicable disease (select one disease only). DO NOT discuss COVID-19 as this is being covered extensively in other courses. To be assessed against the full criteria of this assessment you must submit the following items:

1: Health Literacy Project Plan
Including: a) Topic: a communicable disease concern and rationale for choosing the communicable disease supported by evidence from the literature.
b) Population: target population for the project and rationale for the chosen target population including issues relating to equity and social justice.
c) Delivery: method of project delivery and rationale for why the method of the delivery was chosen, with evidence of best practice examples.

2: Deliverable: Choose a presentation style which suits your topic, population, and your capabilities. We encourage you to be creative here, however it must be relevant to the population demographics.
Some ideas are:
• Poster – this can be done as a single power point slide
• Infographic
• Video
• Animation
• Game

Writing Style
This assignment should be written using scholarly convention, academic structure, and writing including reference to relevant peer reviewed articles and utilisation of APA style referencing.

• For this assessment you will use APA 6th or 7th referencing style.
• Sources: your reference list must include at least 6 scholarly sources with the majority no older than 6 years old.
• In text citations: You must include in-text citations in the body of your work. Each new point or piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the source.

NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

NUR3101 Health Literacy Project Assignment-Southern Queensland University Australia.

Formatting Style
Assignments should be presented using:
• Double-line spacing
• Times New Roman 12 point font
• Word document – do not submit Health Literacy Project plan as a PDF

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