NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

Assignment Overview:
This assignment will involve describing the physiological mechanisms in place for a particular body system to maintain homeostasis in response to injury. The assignment is focused on the pathophysiology and nursing care involved. You should include a description of how homeostasis is disrupted leading to the body producing a response to the injury. Please note, the body response to the injury and associated nursing care are the main focus of this assessment. The assignment will also require the construction of a concept map that summarizes how a the body responds to injury
where nursing care (including medications) assist this process.
NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

Assignment Structure:
The Assignment will have the following sections:
Introduction: An introduction should briefly describe the body system associated with the topic and identify its general role briefly. This should be followed by an identification of the factor/s influenced by injury to the organ/body system (in relation to the question) and why they occur.. (75-100 words)

Body: The body of your descriptive piece expands on what was identified in the introduction. The mechanisms used by the body system to respond to injury should be described. An explanation of how response to the injury produces the clinical manifestations should be included. Identify how
nursing care, including medications, are aimed at influencing the bodies response to the injury and resulting clinical manifestations. A final sentence should indicate that the processes identified are summarized in the following concept map. (400 words)

Summary Concept Map: Explained in the following slides.

A note on referencing: Appropriate in text referencing should be used along with the provision of a reference list. It is expected that 3-5 citations would be appropriate and that they are relatively recent (within the last 5 years). You should make use of your text book as a significant reference. Use at least one journal article and NO website references-they are not reliable sources

Focus for each topic:
Topic 1: Inflammatory pathway, relevant clinical manifestations and nursing care to manage the response.

Topic 2: Pain pathway, relevant clinical manifestations and nursing care to manage the response.

What is a Concept Map
A diagrammatic summary of how we think and see relationships between bits of knowledge. Concept maps produce an overall picture of a topic and how interacting sub-components contribute to the overall outcome.

The figure on the next slide from your text book is a concept map of how the body maintains glucose homeostasis. Glucose balance is at the center of the diagram with alterations in blood glucose above or below homeostatic levels stimulating physiological mechanisms to return levels to normal.

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

For example insulin is secreted when glucose levels rise leading to storage of glucose in the liver as glycogen and increased glucose entry into cells. The net result is a return of blood glucose levels towards normal. The various bits are linked by text to clarify their relationships.

While diagrams of the liver and pancreas are used, this is not necessary the concept map could simply use boxes representing the various tissues and their processes.

Concept Map and Disease
The impact of injury/disease could be represented on this concept
map by introducing Type 1 diabetes for example. The latter is a consequence of islet cell destruction in the pancreas and therefore
the cessation of insulin production. Without insulin cells can not take
in glucose and therefore blood glucose levels rise (hyperglycaemia)
which results in the acute and long term complications of diabetes. I
have included some extra boxes in red as an example of how you
might show the impact of the disease.

In this assignment the impact of injury on the body and the particular
response related to the topic will need to be incorporated into your
concept map. You should demonstrate how nursing care (including
medications if appropriate) are aimed at correcting or influencing the
bodies response.

Assignment Details
1.Submit assignment as a Word document, however, if you intend to use
Power Point to produce your concept map, paste it into your word
document. In order to copy your concept map, while in PowerPoint you
will need to ‘group’ (In format tab) the whole map together and then
copy and paste it into your word file as a picture. The written section
should be about 500 words (+/- 10%) excluding references.

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

2.Following the initial written section your concept map should identify
the central pathophysiological mechanism in the case. Ensure that the
relationship between the components are clearly identified and how the
treatment will impact the bodies response.

3.Check the assignment rubric to ensure you have covered all the required

4.Once your assignment is complete the file should be submitted to Turn It
In. Instructions regarding access to Turn It In can be found on BB under
“My Assessments”.

Assessment 1.
Concept map and explanation

Case scenario
Mark is a 58-year-old computer technician with a history of type 2 diabetes. He became dizzy while at work and fell resulting in a large laceration to his lower right leg. Following presenting to the emergency department his vital signs are HR 99 bpm, RR 14 bpm, BP 109/93 mmHg, T 37.9 o Celsius.

His wound is red and warm to touch. The area around the injury is swollen and painful.

Using the above scenario you are to choose one of the below topic and complete the two sections of the assessment:

1.Write a 500 word explanation of how to body responds to injury including the nursing care (containing medications) aimed to address the body’s specific response to injury or clinical manifestations?
2.Develop a concept map to demonstrate your understanding of the topic describing the body’s response to injury and how the nursing care (including medications) are aimed at assisting with this response.

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

NUM2306 Nursing Assignment-Australia

Topic options (Choose one only)
1.Explain the inflammatory pathway that would be involved with Mark’s injury and how these are related to the clinical manifestations. Describe how nursing care would be aimed to address the body’s response to injury or clinical manifestations?
2.Explain the pain pathway that would cause Mark to feel pain and where different types of analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications would work to relieve his pain. Describe how nursing care would be aimed to address the body’s response to the injury and clinical manifestations?

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