NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

Subject Code & Title :-  Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care
Assessment  Type :-  Assignment 1
Assessment name: Care plan case study
Task description :-  In response to a given case situation you will apply knowledge and skills to analyse plan and act taking a person centred approach in the provision of care. Planning and action will be evidence-based and will demonstrate an understanding of the patient engagement time frame. You will evaluate ongoing care provision and modify plans in accordance with health data and patient outcomes.
NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

What you need to do:

Case study

Mr Anthony Benson (70 years) is currently in the Medical Ward after being brought to the Emergency Department by ambulance last evening following two episodes of chest pain at home. In his admission notes it is reported that:

– each episode of chest pain lasted approximately 15 minutes.
– the first episode of chest pain occurred after eating a big bowl of creamy pasta for dinner.
– the second episode of pain occurred about an hour later while smoking a cigarette.
– Mr Benson orders Uber eats from the local takeaway shop at least three times a week as he has never learned how to cook.
– reports increasing frequency of pain in the last few weeks and describes the pain as an ‘indigestion type feeling.’

You are the Registered Nurse caring for Mr Benson on the ward.
Mr Benson tells you he has recently been commenced on Aspirin by his General Practitioner which he is supposed to take in the morning with breakfast. He admits to forgetting to take the Aspirin each morning and often will take double the amount to make up for the missed dose.

When you ask Mr Benson how he usually manages episodes of chest pain he replies The doctor gave me some tablets to put under my tongue but I read on the Dr Google site that they work quicker when they are swallowed so that is what I do. The tablets do not really help much though.

NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

His past medical history includes hypertension, diagnosed 6 years ago.
He smokes a packet of cigarettes every day. His height is 170cms and weight is 102kg.

Mr Benson appears pale and his hands feel cool and moist.
His temperature is 372C pulse 112 beats minute respirations 24 minute and BP152/90mmHg. His pain score is 8 out of 10 and oxygen saturations 91% in room air. His ECG shows no abnormalities.

What you need to do:
In the above case study the patient has a number of actual and potential health problems. You are required to write an essay in which you will:
-analyse the patient history and data to identify TWO priority problems providing justification as to why these problems are a priority
-for each problem critically discuss TWO nursing interventions using contemporary evidence to support your discussion
-outline assessment data that would indicate the problems have improved /resolved.

You should use this format below:
Provide an introduction which states an overview of the patient condition.
You should identify TWO nursing problems that you will discuss and give a brief plan of your essay.

o For the first problem you need to analyse the patient’s history and explain how you derived this problem from the patient’s assessment data. You will need to draw on your understanding of pathophysiology to explain the link between the problem and the patient’s signs and symptoms and justify why these signs and symptoms were of particular significance in this instance and how they contributed to or allowed the identification of the key patient issues or problems. You should justify why this problem is a priority for the patient.

o You are required to identify TWO priority interventions to address the problem at least one of your problems
should be an independent nursing intervention. Critically discuss the interventions you will implement explain what is involved in implementing the intervention why it is suitable any relevant positive or negative aspects considerations and support justify the use of these interventions with reference to current evidence-based literature.

NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

o Outline the evaluation criteria data that would indicate that each intervention has been effective in
improving or resolving the identified problem.

Repeat all the above steps for your second problem.
You should provide a brief conclusion restating the key points from your essay.

You need to discuss at least one independent nursing intervention in your essay.
For any collaborative nursing interventions you use you must discuss the nursing responsibilities and actions
in relation to this collaborative intervention.

Medications cannot be both of your chosen collaborative interventions for a problem. If a medication is one of your collaborative interventions you must identify an appropriate drug that is likely to be/or has been prescribed by the doctor. You must also consider and discuss the nursing responsibilities associated with the medication sspecial considerations or administration requirements management of same evaluation.

NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

NSN911 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Acute And Community Care Assignment 1

This is an individual assessment

Length :- 1800 words (+/- 10%) Word length includes in-text referencing and excludes the reference list.

Estimated time to complete task: Approximately 25-30 hours

Weighting :- 40%

How will I be assessed: 7-point scale

Presentation requirements :-

This assessment task must respond to the question in the Task Description and ‘What You Need to Do’ sections.

The essay must be written using formal academic sentence structure (i.e., complete paragraphs that are grammatically correct and with intext referencing). You can use textbooks as references sparingly. However you are also required to use at least ten (10) relevant and contemporary peer-reviewed research articles. The videos Getting Started with CINAHL and ‘How to Locate Your Readings’ in BB will show you how to find these research articles.

Academic essay style should be used including introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
The use of sub-headings is acceptable but not mandatory.

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