NSG3104 Digital Poster Assignment 3 – Australia.

Unit Title :- NSG3104 Digital Poster
Assessment Type :- Written assessment Format: Interview script (1 page) and presentation of a digital poster
Length: Interview script (1 page max.)Digital poster and 3-minute presentation(2000 words max.)
Weighting : 40%
Content :- Careers in nursing: interview with a registered nurse (e.g.clinician any speciality manager leader researcher)
Learning Outcomes :- NSG3104 – 8 & 9
Learning Outcomes: On completion of this topic learners will be able to:
8.identify and differentiate the roles and responsibilities of the career nurse as clinician manager leader and researcher in contemporary health care practice.
NSG3104 Digital Poster Assignment 3 – Australia.

NSG3104 Digital Poster Assignment 3 - Australia.

Assessment components summary

Assessment Instructions :
1.The task is to prepare and conduct an interview with a Registered Nurse who works as a clinician leader manager researcher educator policymaker or a specialised area. You will produce a digital poster which demonstrates your understanding of this career pathway locally (in Australia).

2.Consider the diverse types of careers in nursing available to a Registered Nurse Choose one career type on which to focus your assignment.This does not need to be a career or role that you yourself would like to have.

Some broad examples might include clinician state which specialty manager leader coordinator researches policy maker or educator.

3.Conduct research on your chosen nursing career/role including details relating to:
• Role
• Responsibilities
• Qualification or experience pathway (how did they gain the position/role)
• Work setting
• Any other essential information about your chosen nursing career

The information you find will be written and then presented in the form of a Digital e-poster The information must be from sources that are current (<5 years) relevant and of high quality.

4.Based on the information you have found about your chosen career develop at least five (5) open-ended questions that you plan to ask your Interviewee. The interview duration needs to be 15- 20 minutes.

The interview questions that you have developed will be provided typed in a one-page document and submitted to the relevant Bright space drop-box.

Selecting your interviewee:
Rules & expectations- DO NOT expect to complete this interview during clinical placement time. This task must have zero impact on your placement whatsoever. DO NOT expect your placement educator to complete an interview with you. It must be organised in your own time and conducted in a way that is deemed professional by the clinical placement organisation.The interviewee must understand that this is a volunteered task. No payment is provided. It MUST be conducted outside of rostered placement hours.
You can consider asking managers or other employees within your own workplace if they are employed as a Registered Nurse and in consultation with your employer.

These are some topics that may help get you started on preparing your interview questions:
• Role & responsibilities
• Study or qualifications
• Career planning
• Teamwork

• Optimising patient care
• Advice
• Mentoring

• Professional development (CPD)

5. Organise the interview Plan and organise your interview in consultation with your interviewee:
1.Contact the RN gain consent
2.Time & date- make sure you leave enough time for you to prepare your assignment
3.Setting & place- i.e. Webex phone in-person
4.Explain the interview process and reason for the interview

6. Conducting the interview.
i.Read the consent aloud to the interviewee first
ii.Gain consent again
iii.Then ask your planned questions on the topic of your chosen career.
iv.Take note of the interviewee’s responses on paper (voice or video recordings are
v.NOT appropriate for this assessment as this would require a formal consent).
vi.Maintain the anonymity of the professional’s organisation.

7.Review your interview notes after the interview.
a. What are the key findings? (These will be reported on your digital poster).
b. Highlight the quotes or information which may be the most relevant or interesting to include in your digital poster based on the sub-headings required You can find the sub-headings on Page 1 of this document on the PowerPoint poster template and on the rubric.

NSG3104 Digital Poster Assignment 3 – Australia.

NSG3104 Digital Poster Assignment 3 - Australia.

Assessment presentation :-
1.Font size 12 Arial.
3.Leave a 3 cm margin on the left side of the page.
4.Double space lines.
5.Pages should be numbered
6.Attach an assignment title page.
7.Attach an assessment cover page
8.Interview questions must be presented in Word format unless otherwise advised.
9.Digital poster and presentation recording must be presented in a Power Point file.

Digital Poster Formatting
i.Use the Power Point template provided on Bright space
ii.Landscape orientation
iii.Page layout- 90 x 100 cm
iv.Font- size & font must be readable and legible
v. Images diagrams and/or graphs are acceptable but must be referenced appropriately

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