LAW114 Jurisprudence Law assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia

Instructions to students: This is an individual assignment.

Weighting: 50% of your total mark

word limit: 2,000 words

Task:  LAW114 Jurisprudence Law assignment

LAW114 Jurisprudence Law


  1. In his book Robert Nozick says that “taxation on earnings from labour is on a par with forced labour”. Explain Nozick’s claim and his argument for it.Does this argument show that Rawls’ difference principle is unjust?
  2. Should the Australian government pass laws that make abortion available on demand? Respond with reference to Mill’s harm principle and Devlin’s conservative legal moralism.

General Instructions

Format: Essays should be submitted in Word format (not PDF, as this messes with the word count).

Spacing: Single, 1.15, or 1.5. Please do not use double spacing.

Alignment: Justified (not left align).

Typeface: Serif font (either Times New Roman or Garamond).

Bibliography: No bibliography.

Marking Guide: LAW114 Jurisprudence Law assignment-Charles Sturt University Australia

The marking guide below is a general description of the kinds of features exhibited by papers that will attract marks in the set ranges. Papers need not exhibit every feature in order to achieve a mark in a particular range.

High Distinction (85% plus)

A High Distinction paper will:

  • Develop a well-reasoned and well-researched argument that explicitly targets the important issues and takes a position.
  • Fairly characterise and then critically address counter-argument.
  • Logically appeal to academic argument in support of the paper’s thesis, providing sufficient context and significant analysis.
  • Prioritise relevant materials and arguments, demonstrating a good structural balance.
  • Write in cogent, complete sentences, with impeccable spelling, grammar, and syntax; avoid passive voice, throat-clearing or redundant language, and nominalisations.

Distinction (75 – 84%)

A distinction paper will:

  • Present some of the characteristics of a High Distinction paper.

That means a distinction paper is likely to:

  • Show a strong grasp of the relevant issues and present a supported argument, but not adequately address counter-argument;
  • Be well-balanced in its approach, but occasionally uneven in weighting for different components, use of academic literature, or in quality of argument;
  • Be well-written – with strong grammar, spelling, and syntax – but instances of redundant language or cumbersome style.

Credit (65 – 74%)

A Credit paper will:

  • Identify relevant issues, and maintain an adequate focus on them.
  • Be well-structured, exhibiting a balance of ideas throughout the essay.
  • Exhibit a solid grasp of the materials and demonstrate some ability to engage with them critically.
  • Discuss academic literature, but with insufficient context and analysis of the arguments.
  • Move towards a solid argument.
  • Be adequately written, while showing errors in paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, or syntax.
  • Be adequately and appropriately referenced according to the AGLC.
  • Show features of a proper Introduction – identifying the thesis and structure – and Conclusion.

Pass (50 – 64%)

A Pass paper will:

  • Present some of the characteristics of a Credit paper

That means a Pass paper is likely to:

  • Contain a description of the relevant issues, but little academic literature.
  • Contain a loose structure, with uneven attention to different arguments.
  • Provide inadequate context for discussion, or else some errors of logical analysis.
  • Present some relevant perspectives, but not a solid, consistent argument.
  • Be poorly written, with common errors of paragraphing, grammar, syntax, or spelling.
  • Be inadequately referenced according to the AGLC.
  • Have a generic Introduction and/or Conclusion.

Fail (below 50%)

Papers which exhibit any of the following characteristics may be awarded a Fail grade:

  • the paper does not demonstrate an adequate grasp of the issues;
  • the paper does not demonstrate comprehension of the set materials;
  • the paper fails to address the essay topic meaningfully;
  • written expression is so poor that the student’s description, analysis, interpretation or evaluation of the literature is frequently unclear;
  • referencing and citation is so poor as to be meaningless with regard to providing adequate support for the description, analysis and argument;
  • the paper exhibits some evidence of plagiarism.

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