ITECH7415 MTECH PROJECT Product Demonstration Assignment

ITECH7415 MTECH PROJECT Product Demonstration Assignment

The presentation of Products will take place in WEEK 12/13 of the semester. The format of presentation should be determined by the students, and should cover the product(s) or aspects of the product(s) developed as a solution to the project problem
ITECH7415 MTECH PROJECT Product Demonstration Assignment

The presentation can include: PowerPoint slides, Posters, and /or practical Demonstrations. Each team will be given up to 20 minutes for their presentation and there will be an additional 5-10 minutes for a question/answer session. Presentations may be held online.

MTECH PROJECT Product Demonstration Assignment

Supervisors and Clients will be invited to attend and assess presentations.

As part of the Product Demonstration, students are to make 2-minutes promo videos to demonstrate their projects in digital format. Project/Product promo will be assessed as part of the Product Demonstration, and can serve many purposes:

  • embedded in invitation emails sent to stakeholders inviting them to attend demonstration
  • Student LinkedIn profiles
  • Project discussions during job interviews and networking events

Promo Guidelines

  • What is the product they developed?
  • How will it help the end users/client?
  • What problem(s) are solved?
  • What tools/technologies are used?
  • What type of research/analysis activities were conducted?
  • What outcomes are observed?

The promo may also include any other items that would add value in showcasing the project.


  • Product/project explanation – educate viewers about the project
  • Engaging content – Clear and concise information;
  • Duration – 90 to 120 seconds
  • Creativity – Can choose a video theme from the following or go hybrid: animated, real people, screencast, whiteboard, live action, stock images, motion graphics, etc.
  • Video quality – Professional quality video will draw more marks. Students should be cautious about poor light, background noise, camera movements, etc.
  • There are various tools available in market to make promo videos; some freely available, some proprietary. Most proprietary allows free access but will put their branding in form of watermark.

Product promo samples

Whilst most of these promo samples below are software development projects, students are expected to be creative to develop promos for non-software related projects.

Presentation Marking Guide

Group Name:

Student 1 Name/ID:         Student 2 Name/ID:                Student 3 Name ID :Student 3 Name ID :

Content Allocated Marks Awarded Marks
Overall Presentation

Quality of presentation

Project Problem

Context/Background to Project Problem/User stories

Product Promo

Does the Promo clearly educate viewers about the project’s product in a clear and engaging manner?

Detailed Description of Product(s)

What is the product?

·         What is the technology?

·         What is the functionality?

What is the usefulness of the Product?

·         Who will use the product?

·         How will it be used?

Has the Product been tested/evaluated?

·         How will you verify that the product fulfils the purpose for which it was created?

·         Does the product satisfy the user stories? If so, How?

Total 15

Comments & Feedback:


ITECH7415 MTECH PROJECT Product Demonstration Assignment


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