IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment – Australia.

Subject Code and Title :- IMH 402 Introduction to Mental Health
Assessment :- Response to a scenario: Depression
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1500 words
Weighting :- 35%
IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment – Australia.

IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment - Australia.

Context :-
The assessment is prescribed for you to advance your analytical skills, and your knowledge and under standing of Depression and the lived experience of individuals with Depression and their carers.The assessment is about the person first perspective of depression in the context of own and others
bias prejudice and assumptions.This assessment prepares you to apply the person first perspective of depression whilst understanding the challenges and aspirations of individuals with Depression and their carers.

Instructions :-
For this assessment you are required to read and analyse the scenario focussed on Depression. You will need to use a person first approach to problem solve and discuss the issues and challenges associated with Depression. The assessment requires you to analyse your own and others’ bias prejudice and assumptions about Depression. You will need to examine the scenario by reading broadly about Depression and the lived experience.

The scenario response should include the following:
1. Description of the scenario
2. Information and evidence that you drew upon to understand the problem issues
3. The strategies and advice you would provide to support the individual experiencing the condition supported with a rationale that justifies your choices

The strategies and advice you would provide to support the carer and those around the person experiencing the condition, supported with a rationale that justifies your choices

AT 2 Depression Scenario :-
Billy is 24 years old. He left school at the age of 15 to pursue a diesel mechanic apprenticeship. School didn’t suit him so he left early. Moving into a trade so early meant that Billy was ahead of his peers when it came to experience out of school in a workplace and financially. The apprenticeship was based in a provincial city an hour away from his home town, so he moved and completed his apprenticeship.

Early in his career Billy was known for his high-level skills and as a result he had top mechanic jobs offered to him frequently. Billy worked hard, long hours and reaped the rewards. He had a good group of friends that enjoyed motorbike racing camping and beers together on a regular basis.

Billy decided to return to his home town and commenced work at an agricultural business as a foreman in the mechanic team. He worked harder now than ever. Billy had also met a new girl when he was camping one weekend. The encounter turned into a long distance relationship. The relationship became serious and his girlfriend Jen moved to town. Billy was in the midst of renovating a house on a property nearby his family farm with the view to calling it home. His hours between his day job and renovating left him little time to spend with Jen.

Billy was racing around trying to meet all the demands and high expectations he had of himself with work the home and his relationship. During harvest Billy was caught speeding on country roads from one job to the next. Police officers in the district booked Billy for his driving offence which led to losing his license.

He was devastated. Due to the nature of his work the impact on Billy’s job was significant and he faced the possibility of losing his top position. Thankfully his boss was able to create solutions around the loss of his license as his work ethic and expertise was too good to let go.

At the same time as a distraction Billy increased his long working hours and Jen broke off the relationship as there was no quality time spent together. She was still staying in town though as she was interested in another man in town. It turned out to be one of Billy’s mates and the beginning of this new relationship had been behind Billy’s back. This turn of events not only crushed Billy but also created a rift between him and some of his mates.

IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment – Australia.

Resilient Billy went about his life and found the positive with all that had occurred in a very short period of time. However, one winter night Billy arrived home to a glow inside his house.He raced to get the farm water tanker to put out the flame and in the meantime called the local fire brigade. Despite best efforts the house burned to the ground.

This turn of events led to Billy’s downward mood. His mother noticed his negative thoughts behaviours and detachment from some of his friends despite their efforts to help out. Billy’s mum had discussed going to the doctor, but he refused. Her concerns for his well being were so significant she told Billy that they needed to go to the local GP to discuss his knee that had been playing up. Once in the doctor’s surgery the GP was versed by Billy’s mother about his mood.

The doctor did not perform a screening test but prescribed antidepressants and some pamphlets on depression and anxiety. Upon leaving the GP said to Billy “don’t do anything stupid”.

Billy took the medication and started to see a psychologist. The psychologist was amazed that the medication gelled with him straight away. His mood improved gradually he didn’t drink and focussed on rebuilding his dream home. After three months of his new habits Billy woke one morning and decided he didn’t need pills to make him happy – so he took himself off them. His improved mood and thinking skills demonstrated to the psychologist that his choice to finish therapy appeared suitable. At the same time Billy got his license back.

IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment – Australia.

IMH402 Introduction To Mental Health Assignment - Australia.

Following this elevated mood Billy felt ready to step up to the plate and had his eye on climbing the workforce ladder. With this increase in work focus and increased pressures so soon after his step into recovery, Billy’s mood started to change again. He was angry and negative about people he worked with he had significant issues with farmers he was working for and complained about his mates’ actions too. Billy was turning up late to work even though he lived 5 minutes down the road. These reactions were again out of character for him and he was getting a reputation for being a ‘hot head’ which led to loss of clients. He began to become frustrated with himself as the skills and abilities he had before seemed to
be diminishing before his eyes. He started to do more reckless activities, he increased his drinking and dangerous driving.

Whilst this was developing, Billy had formed a friendship with one of the older local tradesmen whose place was known as the place to go for a beer after work and a good laugh and a catch up. There wee often two or three other men there to talk to. Many saw it as therapeutic and most times left the shed after a couple of beers feeling better. Billy enjoyed the social interaction and looked forward to it each night. After he left though the demons in Billy’s head would emerge and he would then go home and drink another four beers. On the weekends he was often in brawls in the pub and kicked out by the publican or the police.

Rumours emerged in the farming community that he had fallen off the tracks and that he had turned mad. The behaviour continued.Based on your knowledge and understanding of depression using a person first approach what are the underlying challenges Billy faces? Identify the support and advice you would give to him and those involved in his life over the duration of his road to recovery.

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