HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview – Deakin University Australia.

Subject Code & Title : HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview
Word Count: 1500 words
Weighting: 35%
This task assesses your achievement of these Unit Learning Outcome(s): (GLO):
ULO2: Develop nutrition promotion interventions in a setting using
evidence-based approaches
ULO3: Identify potential career pathways in nutrition promotion and
prepare a partial job application by addressing selection criteria
ULO4: Collaborate with others to complete tasks and solve problems
GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities
GLO2: Communication
GLO4: Critical thinking
GLO5: Problem solving
GLO7: Teamwork
HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview – Deakin University Australia.

HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview - Deakin University Australia.

How and when you will receive feedback on your work?
You should use the feedback you receive from assignment 1 and 2 to help inform this assignment. You will receive support in the seminars and week 11 Class for the career activity.

Assignment description:
This assignment contains four parts as described below:

Part A 1: Bottom-up approach
Following submission of your plan, your supervisor was so impressed that they thought it would be a good idea to explore a whole community approach to improve vegetable intake of workers. Choose TWO alternative settings within this suburb (e.g. supermarket, GP clinics, hospital, food outlets).

• Consider their existing structures and how best they could be utilised, with minimal impact on their organisation (i.e. summarise their physical structures, strengths and potential barriers, explain how these could be taken into consideration when planning the intervention/program).
• Describe how you could use the bottom-up approach to get these places on board.Then explain who you would talk to or ask to be involved and how (bottom-up approach). In your answer, briefly outline the benefits to using the bottom-up approach. (approximately 500 words total)

HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview – Deakin University Australia.

HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview - Deakin University Australia.

PART A 2: Letter
Write a 1-page letter to ONE of your chosen settings in Part A1 (e.g. supermarket, GP clinics, hospital, food outlets) inviting them to participate in the community programme to increase vegetables intake among workers. In this letter you will need to try to convince the manager of the importance of this initiative and the importance of incorporating multi-component strategies and settings in a community-wide approach for eliciting change.

In the letter include the following:
• Introduce yourself to the manager, briefly highlighting your background and role.
• Briefly state the need for workers in the community to increase their vegetables intake
• Advocate for the importance of a whole-of community approach and explain why you are inviting their organisation to participate.
o Explain the importance of supportive environments
• Explain what may be in it for them (refer to Class notes) – how they might benefit from this
• Explain what may be some of their costs or barriers (does not have to be monetary) and how this might be addressed/considered.
• Explain what would be required of them in the first instance (e.g. consider bottom-up approach)
• Thank them for their consideration and time.
• Sign off.

NOTE: you do not need to have a defined program in mind. This would need to be considered in discussions with the organisation. We are looking for evidence that you understand the organisational structures, barriers and drivers for promoting nutrition as you have learned in Class.
NOTE: you do not need a letterhead, but it does need to look like a professional letter with appropriate spacing, use of paragraphs, addressee, date, professional sign-off, etc. Use clear font size 11 or 12.

PART B1: Teamwork and feedback form
• Submit the ‘teamwork and feedback’ form that you can find the Assignment 3 folder on the unit site.
o Using this form, explain your group effort & participation in AT1 e.g., the role you played and any issues you may have encountered including how you dealt with them.
o Also using this form, describe what feedback you received for assignment 1 from the marker and how you used this to develop and improve assignment 2.
• Submit the completed form with your assignment on the due date (via drop box on the unit site).
• It is ok to submit as a separate document or you may choose to combine this form to other parts. It is up to you.

PART B2: Selection criteria
In this unit you are developing a range of essential skills for future employment. For this part of the assignment you will learn how to address selection criteria based on these skills. This will help you to reflect upon what skills you have gained after working on these assignments, which will be useful to you in the “real world”

• Use the CAR (Context, Action, Result) method to explain how the following selection criterion is met after completing the assignments in this unit (you can find a guide on using the CAR method in the assignment folder on the unit site). ‘Demonstrated ability to produce education resources for lay audience’

• Submission:
o This can be attached as a separate document to your bottom-up approach and letter or combined as one. It is up to you.
o This should be submitted via dropbox on the unit site by the due date.

HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview – Deakin University Australia.

HSN210 Assessment 3 Overview - Deakin University Australia.

• You can use examples from this unit and assignments, but also real examples from other aspects of your life experiences if you like (e.g. job, volunteer work) – but this is not essential.

Further details on how to go about this can be found in the Assignment 3 folder on the unit site and will be discussed in detail in the week 11 Seminar and Class.

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