HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

Subject Code & Title :-  HLT301 Nursing
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 1
Assessment Task 1: Mental State Examination Work book for Nursing Midwifery and other disciplines
Description :-
This task provides you with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge of processes associated with assessing a person’s mental state in different health care contexts and supporting the person to navigate to a place of recovery.
HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

Assessment Criteria :-
The workbook responses will be assessed according to the following criteria:
i. Use of evidence to interpret and analyse the mental state assessment including an assessment of risk
ii. Interpret and use evidence to plan care to support the mental health needs of the person in diverse health settings
iii. Critical appraisal of principles of equity rights and access
iv. Information literacy skills: use of sources and citations
v. Written presentation including structure, grammar, application of referencing protocol Harvard

Workbook Format :-
The workbook contains 10 questions about mental health assessment and strategies to work with people with mental illness. You must adhere to the word limit provided for each response.

HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

Workbook Instructions :-
Nursing and Midwifery students: Watch the video titled Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching:
Psychosis that can be found in the Assessment Folder on Blackboard:

1. Answer each question in the workbook template. Please ensure that you include both the question and its accompanying answer.
2. You are required to respond to the questions in your own words. You may use direct quotes from the video.
i.e. the person’s statement may be quoted as long as it is relevant fits into your word count and helps to explain your application of theoretical understanding to the practice video.
3. Each question includes a guide for the maximum number of words expected for the response. Keep within this word limit although there is a +/- 10% leeway provided.

Supporting literature to answer the questions:
You need to demonstrate you have used the most appropriate source for your responses e.g. policy documents journal article textbook etc. Not all the answers require a citation how ever you are expected to use a variety of sources eg textbook journal articles credible websites etc.Academic sources should be published within the last 5 years.

HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

HLT301 Assessment Task 1: Workbook 30%

1. Define the mental state assessment, describe when it is to be used and describe why it is a useful tool for nursing or midwifery practice
2. Describe Andy’s appearance and behaviour during the initial assessment
3. Differentiate between mood and affect, and then describe affect as it relates to Andy
4. Discuss Andy’s speech
5. What signs or symptoms associated with an episode of psychosis can you identify in the interview with Andy?
6. What tests might Dr Taylor request at the end of the consult with Andy, and why are these important in the context of symptoms consistent with psychosis?
7. Dr Taylor assesses Andy’s thought.
Describe how you think she might describe and document her findings in the progress notes?

HLT301 Nursing Assignment 1

8.How would you assess Andy’s insight into his current emotional and cognitive state? What are the likely positive or negative outcomes associated with this level of insight? Please comment on his over all judgement as well.

9. Looking at Andy’s presentation overall, what risks does he currently present with? Are there risks that you have excluded? Provide evidence for all your responses. Please give consideration to his physical health as well as all other possible risks.

10. Andy is diagnosed with a psychotic dis order. What interventions/treatment and care pathways/options would be appropriate for his care? Give consideration to the setting in which this care might be provided. Provide rationales for your plans. You will need to read the relevant chapter in your text book as well as look for other academic sources.

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