EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- EDF5760 Literature Review
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word count: 3200
Weighting : 40
Description :- In this initial task you will be required to undertake an initial scoping review of the literature surrounding the topic you have selected. The objective of the task is for you to learn how to scan the literature and to identify key thinkers and research in the topic you have selected. The main aim of the scoping exercise and the annotated bibliography is to assist you with familiarizing yourself with your topic and for you to develop skills with interacting with research in the field. You will be expected to read widely before you finally decide on the scholarly research papers you will use for this task. In the process, you will acquire skills on how to zoom in on specific significant papers which have contributed to the field.
EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment – Australia

EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment - Australia

Your assessment task will have four parts:
• An introduction 300 words – which will offer a broad overview of the literature in the field and will high light how your study objectives align with other research.
• An annotated bibliography 6X350 words – comprising of six articles selected after scoping the literature.
• Research Plan (500 words) – comprising of your research question, your data collection method, and your plan with regard to data analysis.
• Conclusion (300 words) – providing a succinct, synthesized summary of the main tensions highlighted as part of your topic as outlined in the six articles.

Marking criteria:
• Introduction :-
effectively provides a short overview of the research focus, creates appropriate parameters around the topic, and reflects on possible tensions. The introduction should provide the scope of your search and identify some of the criteria used to include articles in the bibliography.

EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment – Australia

Annotated Bibliography :-
critique of sources – offers a sound summary of each selected article the main themes covered, and the conclusions drawn by the author/s. Each article is appropriately cited with comments pertinent to research design, population, context and results.

Research Plan :-
provides a well-constructed research plan with a clear question, data collection details and planned analysis of this data.

EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment – Australia

• Conclusion :-
draws the discussion to a close, summarizing the main points raised in each of the selected articles, and offers a closing comment on the range of views (if any) which became evident through the scoping search.

• Academic literacy :-
The use of accurate academic language and appropriate referencing and formatting aligned with the standards utilised within the Faculty of Education.

Q. How constructive/collaborative intervention in education has improved the teaching learning experience as a teacher?

1.Kaur & Kaur (2016). Role of Constructive Teaching Approach in Science Teaching for Sustainable Development
In this article the authors share their research on how constructivist approach towards teaching-learning has brought about positive change in students’ academic confidence and academic progress when compared to the conventional/traditional method of learning.They used quantitative data gained through tests and comparison of the two methods of teaching- learning. Research was conducted among 200 school students of Jalandhar district of Punjab India. It included 50 boys and 50 girls. For the purpose of this research, students were divided into two groups, each group comprising of equal number of boys and girls. To evaluate the results each group was taught a particular method of teaching.

A pre-test of each group was taken using the academic confidence scale to measure the range of levels of all the students both collectively and basing on gender During the research the first group was taught using the conventional teaching method and the second group was taught using the constructive method.

The main objective of this research was to find out the difference of academic confidence and academic progress when taught using the two methods of teaching.The scope of the article addresses how an approach of teaching-learning experience can bring about conventional change for sustainable development among students. While describing the characteristics of conventional way of approach towards learning, the authors unfold the advantages of constructive way of approach supported by various philosophies and theories.

EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment - Australia

EDF5760 Literature Review Assignment – Australia

This article is useful to my research topic because the statistical analysis shows that constructive teaching has a higher impact on the academic progress of the students. In addition to the data collection the article also addresses strategy in a way to explore the characteristics of constructive teaching through experimentation. Though the traditional method of teaching is likely to be one of the oldest approaches towards teaching learning as the newer generation grows the methods of teaching cannot remain the same. Further more the results indicate that students when taught using constructive approach gave better results.

The authors followed a simple line of solution that I would like to follow during my research:

  1. Analyzing the problem
  2. Finding a solution
  3. Constructing a plan

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