Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment

Assessment 1
Assessment Overview:Create a short digital presentation, using place to
describe one of the languages (maths, science,technology)
Length or Duration:1500 words equivalent
Worth: 30% equivalent
Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment

Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment


The learning outcomes are:
LO 1: Elucidate the language of maths,science, technology and movement in general and the context of early childhood.
LO 3: Contextualise maths, science, and technology in relationship to the changing nature of education in an evolving local and global context.

Assessment Structure
Using our learning through the unit so far, use the theory of ‘place’ (week 1 notes) to discuss ONE of the languages of maths,science or technology.  How does using ‘place’ help us as educators to define one of these languages?

Your digital presentation can take any digital form, including PowerPoint and Prezi.  Visit the Learning Hub if you would like to learn more about using multimedia or design (unlocking creativity). Visit the Learning Hub if you’d like more information on how to use multimedia for this assignment.

This needs to be uploaded on you tube

Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment

Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment


To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.
1.Plan out your digital presentation:
1.What language (math, sci, tech) will you choose?
2.What tool (PowerPoint & Prezi etc) will you use?
3.How will you use place to describe your language? which place will you use?: refer to the nature walk activity. What does place offer here?

2.Visit a place and notice what draws you into connection.

1.Can you use this to help describe your language?
2.Make sure you include photos/ video of the to the ‘place’.

2.Think about how the many elements (sky, rocks, land, animals?, creeks) in place (more-than-humans) have agency

1.How we are entangled with these elements in place?
2.How we can use these entanglements to understand different languages such as maths, science and technology?
3.Use supporting research and theories to justify your connections

2.Begin using your chosen tool to create your presentation.

1.This is a presentation and you will need to include your voice in it. Please make sure your presentation is no more than 5 minutes long. Min 4.45 Max 5.15.
2.Refer to YouTube Video Upload Guidelines.
3.Choose a tool that you’re comfortable with.
4.Make sure your presentation includes a properly constructed reference list

Assessment Criteria
The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:
 Criterion 1: Multimedia tool and presentation (showcase)
 Criterion 2: Discussion connecting place to the languages of maths,science, technology
 Criterion 3: Use of resources to support the presentation
 Criterion 4: Referencing

Early Childhood Curriculum And Pedagogy Assignment

Refer to the Assessment 1: Digital Presentation Rubric during this process so you can be reassured you have completed each of the criteria.

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