CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment – USA.

Subject Code & Title :- CIS 2620 Project Management
Assessment Type : Assignment
1.1 Purpose : This document is the Requirements Document for Customer Name and the Project Name. This document defines the business and technical requirements for the project. Update the sections in Blue with information for your specific project.
CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment – USA

CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment - USA.

1.2 Scope :
This document describes the scope of the project.

1.3 Target Audience :
This document is intended to describe the scope of the project, deliverables and success criteria.

Related Documents :
Table 1 : Related Documents: list any documents that relate to this scope document

2 Project Definition
Describe the high-level project purpose and what needs to be achieved.

2.1 Project Scope
Project Scope Statement: Describe the overall scope of the project and objectives
List several key bullets that outline what is in scope for the project
Project scope item 1
Project scope item 2

2.2 Project Deliver ables
List the specific items the project will deliver
Project deliver ables 1.
Project deliver ables 2…

2.3 Assumptions and Constraints
List any project assumptions or constraints
Project assumptions 1…
Project assumptions 2…

2.4 Success Criteria
Describe the criteria to measure the project success. These measures would include specific Deliverables, dates, metrics required to meet the scope of the project. Use the examples below as a starting point.

CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment – USA.

CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment - USA.

1.Project must be completed by this date…

2.System must integrate with existing infrastructure

3.System will require 3 TB of storage

4.Implementation must be completed by September 20XX

5.Budget must not exceed $500K

3.High-Level Project Timeline
High-Level Timeline for the project

3.1 High-Level Schedule for the project
Describe the project work packages at a high-level and complete the Timeline below.

Tasks: list the name of the task or work item
Days: List the estimated number of days to complete the tasks
Owner: List the owner of the task by Role
Dependency: List any dependencies for the tasks

4 Project High-Level Requirements Specification

1.5 Access Method

4.1.1 Requirements
Please descript the key requirements necessary to meet the customer key strategic goals for the project:
List the specific requirements for the project
Develop system to support parts ordering
System must integrate with existing infrastructure
System must provide Out of the Box (OOB) reporting
System development must be in Python

1.5.1 Roles and Responsibility

Document the team roles and responsibilities
Table 3 : Project Team Roles and Responsibilities

CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment – USA.

CIS 2620 Project Management Assignment - USA.

1.5.2 Technical Specifications
Document any technical specifications for the project.

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