CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity Assignment 3 – AU.

Subject Code & Title :- CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity
Assessment Type :- Assignment 3
Assessment Task 3: Observation
Student Assessment Instructions
1.Your assessor will explain the arrangements for this assessment, including when it will occur and how the observation will be conducted.
2. You must satisfactorily complete all sections of the assessment tasks.
3. Ask your assessor to clarify any aspect you are unsure about in this assessment task.
4. You may be asked to explain some parts of the demonstration if the assessor needs any clarification.
CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity Assignment 3 – AU.

CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity Assignment 3 - AU.

Required Resources :
1.You will need to have access to relevant legislation, standards and codes, industry practices and student book resources.
2.You may need access to organisational documents and deliverables from previous tasks in the assessment.

Evidence :-
1.You must submit the completed assessment cover sheet and other evidence as outlined in the observation instructions by online submission within the allocated time.
2. Ensure you keep a copy of your submitted work. Assessments submitted without completed cover sheet will not be accepted.

When and where will this assessment take place?
i. This assessment may be undertaken in a simulated environment/in a classroom/at home to be discussed with the assessor.
ii. Your assessor will provide you with the due date, which can be recorded in the assessment plan.
iii. Your assessor may also specify the length of time allowed and the expected word count, if applicable.

What if the assessment is not suitable?
1. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence within the observation assessment method your assessor may be able to provide you with an alternative method. Discuss this with your assessor.

CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity Assignment 3 – AU.

What happens if your answers are not satisfactory?
i. If any of the observation assessments are not satisfactory your assessor will provide you with feedback. You may need to resubmit some or all the assessment tasks. Your assessor will explain the details for your reassessment.
ii. In most cases, you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts.
iii. If you are not satisfied with your assessment result, you have the right to lodge an appeal. Ask your
assessor or contact the Course Coordinator for more information.

Observation Instructions :-
No. The student’s assessment shows evidence of the following:

1 Role play: Impact of beliefs biases and value systems on work practices

Instructions :-
1.You must gather information regarding one workplace’s current practices to achieve their diversity objectives. For instance, this can be done by engaging with a staff member in a leadership role and accessing the diversity policies/procedures at your educational provider.
2. Once the research has been completed, you must role play a 15-minute meeting between colleagues working in the chosen workplace. The simulation will be based on the information gathered through the completed research with an assessor playing the role of the Team Leader and the student as the Colleague.
3. On completion of these role plays, each student must provide a written reflection of your experience. You will be expected to critically appraise your own performance regarding the effectiveness of your communication information-gathering, coaching and evaluative skills.You are expected to elaborate on the decisions that you made during their role play. Refer to the Student Self-Assessment on page 7-8.

Assessment conditions:
The assessment conditions should simulate a meeting room that allows the student access to:
1. suitable workplace facilities and resources, including organisation policies and procedures
2. interactions with other people in a leadership role

Role play Requirements :-
During the role play, you are required to demonstrate the following:
1. Communication with co-worker in a respectful manner that encourages dialogue and appropriately addresses any diversity requirements
2. Maintain open body language
3. Use active listening skills
4. Communicate to gather subjective and objective data
5. Engage empathetically with co-worker
6. Speak clearly
7. Involve the co-worker in the development of strategies that promote diversity in the workplace
8. Offer professional development to provide opportunities to learn more about the benefits of cultural diversity
9. Provide information on how your workplace disseminates information on your diversity policy and what strategies can be used to ensure compliance with the policy
10. Discuss ways that information can be gathered to assist in developing new policies
11. Discuss with your colleague how evaluations could be undertaken to ensure strategies are in place to enhance diversity in the workplace.

Required Evidence
Submission of completed Self-Assessment Form

Applying effective communication skills in community service practice with diverse colleagues and clients and contributing to workplace diversity.

What did I do that I believe worked well?
Positive feedback about your effective communication skills when working with people that have a diverse

What areas needed improvement?
Areas that posed a challenge to your effective communication skills when working with people that have a diverse background

CHCDIV003 Observation Manage And Promote Diversity Assignment 3 – AU.

How do I think I might be able to improve?
Recommendations for how you might improve your communication skills when working with people from
a diverse background

What could I have done to gather further information?
Recommendations for improving information gathering when working with different workplaces

Observation Assessment Sheet

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