401205 Professional Communication In Nursing Assignment-Western Sydney University Australia.

401205 Professional Communication In Nursing Assignment 2: professional Communication in Nursing
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401205 Professional Communication In Nursing

401205 Professional Communication In Nursing Assignment overview

This assignment is a mandatory submission which means that in order to pass this unit of study,you must submit this assignment

The professional communication case study essay requires you to choose one of the three patient scenarios presented in the Assignment detail and respond to the following prompt:

Discuss how nurses use professional communication skills to develop a therapeutic relationship with patient.

Based on your reading and on the particular characteristics of the patient chosen,discuss how the nurse would:

  • use key attributes for therapeutic communication
  • use the patient record
  • consider patient safety and communication

Answering this question in an essay format has three objectives:

  • To assist you to develop academic reading and writing skills
  • To help you integrate knowledge about effective communication for developing therapeutic relationship (as discussed in the set reading for this unit)
  • To demonstrate how these principles are applied in the care of the patient

401205 professional Communication in Nursing Assignment details

Student will submit this assignment through Turnitin as an academic essay (1000 words) based on the set reading additional sources.

You are required to choose one of the three patient scenarios (Raymond Nguyen, Eileen Murphy or Bruce O’Grady) to answer the essay prompt. You will use example from the scenarios to discuss how the nurse would use key attributes of therapeutic communication, what the purpose is of the patient safety and communication are addressed.

You have been provided with three set reading (key attributes of therapeutic communication, purposes of the patient record, and patient safety and communication) found under the Supporting resources section, which have been taken from set weekly chapter reading in the eTexts for this unit. These  extracts and additional sources must be referenced using correct APA style both in-text in the essay, and on the reference list.

In addition to the three set reading (see extract below) that you paraphrase, summarise and reference in your essay, you must also paraphrase, summarise and reference two relevant, reliable and current academic sources in your essay. One of the additional sources must be a nursing website source or report (e.g. the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA] codes and guidelines).

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